Vision 2022

The goals of the new SAFA leadership have been defined and mapped out in a plan called Vision 2022

Vision 2022 is a fundamental rebuilding of the structures of SAFA at all levels to create the conditions that will bring about the sustained international success of our national teams.

We have set our sights on a long-term development plan to achieve the goal of always being in the top 3 of the African rankings, and in the top 20 of the World rankings.

10% of the South African population must play football. Therefore, we need to redouble our efforts to:

  • Launch a vibrant schools football programme;
  • Strengthen women’s football significantly.


Vision 2022 in a Nutshell

Technical Performance
  1. National Football Philosophy
  2. Coach Education and Deployment System
  3. Talent ID and Development
  4. Competitions Framework
  5. Infrastructure and Administration (Club Licensing)
  6. Technology
  7. Sport Science and Medicine
  8. Establish grassroots football programmes to increase the fun element in the sport
  9. Establish a strong school sport program
  10. Establishment of provincial, regional, local high performance centers
  11. Aspirational National Academy (SoE)
  12. Become the center of Elite Football Development for the African continent
  13. Become No. 1 in Africa at all age group levels
  14. Qualify for FIFA and continental competitions at all levels
Financial Stability
  1. Audited Financial Statements
  2. Unqualified audits
  3. Honesty and Integrity
  4. Independent Monitoring
  5. Increase internal revenue sources
  6. Zero-based budget processes
  7. Cost management
  8. Strong broadcast environment
  9. Licensing & merchandising
  10. Loyal sponsors
  11. Manage suppliers
  12. Diversify income sources
Commercial Viability
  1. Build strong brands
  2. Strong IT infrastructure
  3. Enhance the SAFA brand
  4. Diversify commercial portfolio
  5. Strategic business partnerships
  6. Licensing & merchandising
  7. Strong broadcast revenue
  8. Sell all inventory
  9. Increase event revenue
  10. Empower members commercially
  11. Hospitality and ticketing
  12. Ownership and/or control of facilities
  13. Football Pools
  14. Develop entrepreneurial culture in football
Sound Governance
  1. Build governance capacity at all levels of SAFA
  2. Build strong monitoring & evaluation systems
  3. Transparency
  4. Strong committees
  5. Become the model of good governance amongst sporting codes in the country
  6. Establish a strong regulatory environment to manage relations among the sport’s participants
  7. Build a culture of ethical behaviour that permeates all the way to the grassroots structures
  8. Use the 2010 FWC dividend to develop the game in the country
World-Class Administration
  1. Proper organogram
  2. Qualified staff
  3. Responsive administration
  4. Strong management
  5. Build the most professional team to administer the sport
  6. Use the 2010 FWC experience to strengthen the administration of the sport
  7. Rebuild the culture of voluntarism in our football
  8. Establish a strong SAFA Academy to train coaches, referees, administrators and other professionals who service the sport
  9. Build culture of service and commitment among all staff throughout the country
Major Player in World Football
  1. Good relationship with FIFA, CAF, COSAFA
  2. National Team success
  3. Cooperation Agreements
  4. Technical advice to peers
  5. International symposiums
  6. Strategic partnership with govt on int’l affairs
  7. Continue hosting big events
Develop and Maintain a Positive Image
  1. Smart media management
  2. Respect for others / Fair Play
  3. Communications strategy
  4. Strategic partnerships in communications
  5. Respect for our sponsors
  6. Strong brand management strategy
  7. Dynamic, integrated media platforms
  8. Innovative communications tools
  9. Trendsetting communications
Gender Equality
  1. Provide equal opportunity for women
  2. Strengthen governance structures to include women
  3. Build women’s teams in equal measure as men’s teams
  4. Qualify for all major international competitions
  5. Build strong, vibrant grassroots women’s football programme
  6. Train women administrators, referees, coaches
  7. Maintain string HPC