17 April 2024 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) is thrilled to announce a new three-year partnership with Freddy Hirsch as Bafana Bafana’s Official Shisanyama Partner.

This collaboration blends the passion of South African football with the tradition of Shisanyama. SAFA CEO Lydia Monyepao expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership: “Uniting with Freddy Hirsch allows us to bring together two of South Africa’s greatest loves— football and Shisanyama. This collaboration will enhance match-day experiences in stadia as well as at home or fan’s favourite shisanyama spots and enrich our ties and cultural heritage over the next three years. Freddy Hirsch’s commitment to celebrating our heroes mirrors our vision of growing the Bafana Bafana’s relationship with South African fans which in turn strengthens our national team brand.”

The partnership unveils ‘Heroes,’ a new spice blend from Freddy Hirsch, branded with the slogan ‘Our Heroes, Our Spice.’ This initiative invites South Africans to embrace and celebrate their heritage. It symbolises shared ownership over the stories that define the nation, making ‘Our Heroes, Our Spice’ a collective homage to South African unity.

Rooted in “Sustainable Innovation” since its founding in 1956, Freddy Hirsch introduces the ‘Heroes Ishumi’ concept, reflecting the iconic number 10 jersey. This initiative, offering the premium spice blend at just R10.99, exemplifies the partnership’s forward-thinking and commitment to making quality brands accessible to all South Africans.

Clive Moore, Head of Marketing at Freddy Hirsch, shares: “We’re excited to unite the passion of football with the tradition of Shisanyama. The ‘Heroes’ Brand is a celebration of our sporting and culinary heritage, designed to honour the legends of the game. “In short, the partnership delivers to the consumer, braai products for Bafana Bafana fans by Freddy Hirsch.”

As SAFA and Freddy Hirsch embark on this journey together, the collaboration is set to elevate the fan experience over the coming years.

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