19 June 2022 The South African Football Association (SAFA) has now switched focus to the highly anticipated Elective Congress on Saturday June 25 after hosting a successful Extraordinary Congress at the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday.

Members converged on the Johannesburg venue to discuss a wide range of issues that SAFA president Dr Danny Jordaan said have paved the way for the elections. The debates on the floor were robust and passionate, and the SAFA president said these types of honest discussion can only make the Association better going forward.  

“The next stop is now the SAFA election,” Dr Jordaan told www.www.safa.net as he reflected on the developments at the Extraordinary Congress. “This is the last meeting that dealt with any outstanding issues and the next stop is the election.

“The spirit in the Extraordinary Congress was very good and the regions are strongly focused, they want to go to that election and exercise their democratic right. We are very happy.”

While there was a lot of engagement and passionate discussions on the floor as members interrogated the items on the agenda, Dr Jordaan said he was encouraged as this showed that democracy reigns supreme within SAFA.

“Democratic debate should be encouraged and we should engage because we are not all of the same mind,” he said. “So it was a very good engagement. But in the end all our decisions were taken on an unanimous basis.

“It means they all agreed in the end. So that is good for an organisation like SAFA and you can see the satisfaction among the regions.” 

Dr Jordaan,  Ria Ledwaba and Solly Mahlobeng will face off for the SAFA presidency on June 25. The elections will be held for the position of SAFA president, the national executive committee as well as the provincial office.