17 March 2022 – South African National Supporters (SANASU) President, Saddam Maake has warned malcontents who speak on behalf of football fans to stop their mischief or risk facing harsh consequences.

SANASU is the only legitimate supporters group in the country and has applied to be officially affiliated to the Association, a request that will be tabled at the forthcoming SAFA Congress this month.

Together with secretary general, Ms Joy Chauke, SANASU has hit the ground running setting up supporters structures around the country.

The hard-working Maake said supporters had long worked in a disorganised manner, hence they had decided to formalise SANASU as a true representative of all fans in the country.

‘’We have formalised the supporters structure and we are going around the country mobilising fans to rally behind our national teams and clubs representing South Africa in CAF and FIFA competitions,’’ said Maake.

It is under this background that SANASU has warned fake groups that purport to speak on behalf of South African football fans, saying only SANASU was obligated to do so.

‘’To all football fans around the country and those whom we have not spoken to yet, we will soon reach out to you and incorporate you into SANASU. Do not be hoodwinked by anyone who purports to speak on behalf of South African football fans. Only SANASU has the legal standing to do so,’’ warned Maake. ‘’Next week, we will be attending the SAFA Congress where we will present our formal application for affiliation.’’

Maake said SANASU was going to work hand in hand with vendors whose only livelihood has been badly affected by the advent of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘’We are going to work together with vendors who sell their wares at the stadiums as well as taxi drivers who transport fans to the matches. We need to bring that form of business back to life,’’ he added.

‘’We have started conversations with fans around the country and are busy forming regional and provincial structures. We believe that as representatives of supporters that we should be in the communities mobilising fans unlike the fake groups who want to work from offices and wear ties and suits.

‘’Our job is to sing and cheer players. We have a huge role to play and to football fans, I want to say watch this space,’’ concluded Maake.

SANASU President – Freddie Saddam Maake (0762621138)SANASU SG – Mama Joy Chauke (0826668666)