Issued by the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture

12 March 2021

Minister Nathi Mthethwa joins all Football followers in South Africa as well as the Continent, in congratulating local businessman, philanthropist and club owner, Mr Patrice Motsepe, on his appointment this afternoon, to the high office of Confederation of African Football (CAF) Presidency.
“Today’s news out of the Moroccan Capital of Rabat, whilst expected, is further confirmation of the high esteem enjoyed by South African Football in the community of Football nations. Following so closely after the successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup by South Africa, Mr Motsepe’s election as the 8th CAF President constitutes a welcome vote of confidence in our country by the 54-nation strong General Assembly,” said Minister Mthethwa.
Judging by the 10-point plan that underpins Mr Motsepe’s Election Manifesto, it is clear that he not only intends to hit the ground running but also constitutes a commitment to all continental Football in general and women’s Football in particular, to be the centerpiece of his term as President.
“Congratulations to all those involved in driving such a successful campaign. On our part, as government, we will provide all the support required to make the term of our country’s first CAF President a rewarding and productive experience”, added the Minister.

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