16 June 2020 – The matter of the resumption of football has been subject of much debate and media coverage of late.
SAFA having received a letter from FIFA on 11 June 2020 would like to clarify the position which has been misconstrued in some quarters.
In the FIFA letter on “FIFA’s position and guidelines on the Resumption of professional Domestic Leagues of Member Associations’, the world football governing body says that it is not in a position to instruct any member association (FA) or make a determination on when football should restart in any country or territory.
That decision must be made by each Member Association, (in this case, SAFA) on the recommendation of the relevant national health authorities (Government).
It is worth highlighting that Member Associations are required to inform FIFA of any changes to season dates and proposals to amend registration periods.
The Minister of Sports has gazetted directives in respect of Resumption of Training and Resumption of Play.
SAFA has submitted the proposals to the Minister for the Resumption of Training which was finalised by the working committee of the SAFA Joint Liaison Committee (JLC).
The Government on 11 June 2020, provides a list of non-contact sport in Annexure A and contact sport in Annexure B under the heading ‘Codes allowed to train’ of which football is listed as one of those.
The matter for attention now is the proposals for resumption of competition and work will have to commence in engaging both FIFA and Government on this matter.