19 May 2020 – Former Bafana Bafana left back David Nyathi has thrown his support behind SAFA President, Dr Danny Jordaan.

Nyathi’s backing comes hot on the heels of the nine Provincial Chairpersons of SAFA and also National Executive Committee (NEC) members, who all reaffirmed their total support for Dr Jordaan’s leadership following a report by former SAFA CEO Dennis Mumble.

The defender, who played for Tenerife in Spain, said he had complete confidence in the direction the Association was taking under Dr Jordaan and his Executive.

In a letter written to the Association leadership, Nyathi, who is also a member of the SAFA Technical Committee, added that he sympathizes with Dr Jordaan and fully understand what is going on.

This is what he had to say:

Dear Mr President,

I fully understand what’s going on and do sympathize with you. However, these people are on a mission and it seems that they won’t stop until they achieve their goal.

Unfortunately, their goals are destabilizing – they will set our football backwards and we will hardly recover.

The need for power is one thing but the knowledge and experience to serve with it is a complete gift that few individuals possess.

Mr President, I love the direction our football is taking, I believe that we are a winning nation and, therefore, we should have achieved more.

The previous era was a great depression, a lot was lost rather than gained.

Now, as I repeat, the path looks clear, challenging, but smooth. Why? The reason is because there’s a plan, a goal and a vision. People give their lives and support a leader who has all the above-mentioned attributes. And, that’s the kind of people I want to share my energies with.

Mr President, real and true leaders are rare and we [RSA] have lost a lot of those gems. Where we are is not a mistake, and what we have is enough to get us across, to our paradise. And only a few leaders remain – there are those who only want power. And, obsession with power is chemistry for a reign of terror. South Africa cannot afford to have power-hungry leaders – there is so much more to do.

Now, Mr President, you have managed to turn the tide and steered us away from disaster. Now, we are staring at opportunities, deserving, we should claim that it’s our time to cement all the work that went into realising these moments, with victories.

Winning is belief, and your leadership has that belief.

And that’s why I have openly made it known that I have complete confidence in your direction and guidance, but more importantly, in your leadership. We are the greatest nation in Africa, the best footballing country by far. We are a symbol of emancipation and leader of the African mission and Agenda. We have to be in the forefront, leading from the front, leading by example.

And I certainly believe you will take us there. Because I know you will.

I thank you Mr President.


David Nyathi (former Bafana Bafana defender).

Issued by SAFA Comms Department


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