8 May 2020 – The coronavirus has arrived in the Premier Soccer League (PSL), but this is not the time to press the panic button, according to Orlando Pirates. 
The Buccaneers’ star midfielder  Ben Motshwari  tested positive for Covid-19 the club confirmed in a statement on Thursday (7 May 2020). 
The 29-year-old was suffering from flu last week and after undergoing tests, his results confirmed that he has the coronavirus. Motshwari is currently in-home isolation for the period of 14 days.
In an interview with IOL Sport, Floyd Mbele, the Administrative Manager at Pirates, said that there was no need to panic, but advised the masses to be vigilant. “Let us not think that far. This is just one in 480 players. It is 0.01 percent. Let us not think that far. This is not a time where we can start to panic. No, we can’t. We are being responsible citizens by sharing this information. We could have easily kept quiet,” Mbele said.

Ben Motshwari

Motshwari is the first soccer player in the league to test positive for the deadly virus. South Africa is closing on 8000 cases at the moment.
Mbele said the people of South Africa’s must continue to follow the government’s lockdown protocols and adhere to the rules.
“The messaging is consistent. This goes to show that this thing is there,” Mbele stated.
“We’ve been talking about it when it was not here, but now it is. Our message is simple, people must follow all the protective measures. They must stay at home. Those who are not the essential services, they must stay at home. You can be moving around because this thing is there,” Mbele stated.

(source: IOL)