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26 April 2020 – Paris Saint-Germain and Germany defender Thilo Kehrer is using the coronavirus break to ramp up his studies in business administration and believes education helps make him a better footballer.

“I attend a wide variety of seminars. These are currently being held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the difficult conditions, it works quite well,” Kehrer told dpa.

“At the moment I’m writing my final thesis. After that I will have my first official certificate.”

He feels many other players do not necessarily use their time wisely between matches, or during the current hiatus.

“If you only play Playstation, watch TV or look at your mobile phone and social media, it’s bad for the brain,” the 23-year-old said, adding that his studies help his football.

“I am convinced that peripheral vision is indispensable in football – simply because you have to be able to see the ball and the whole pitch at all times. If you spend hours and hours just looking at screens, you won’t have that in you.”

But do his club and national team-mates laugh at him for being a bookworm?

“It does happen that you are looked at in a funny way. But actually very rarely. I also have to say: At PSG or in the national team, they play relatively little Playstation.”

(Source: IOL)