23 April 2020 – The government has a draft “risk-adjusted strategy for economic activity” that will determine what life will look like after the hard lockdown. 

It proposes five levels of restrictions, with the spread of the coronavirus and the readiness of the health system determining which is in force.

Takeaway food returns under Level 3, and domestic workers under Level 2.

The document proposes a five-level approach, with different restrictions applying depending on the speed at which the coronavirus is spreading, and how ready the health system is to deal with cases of Covid-19.

Different levels could apply in different provinces, and higher levels could be imposed again after rules are relaxed if necessary.

“Ongoing feedback loop informs decision to remain at a particular level, relax restrictions further, or return to a higher level of restriction,” the presentation reads.

At Level 5 South Africa would be in the hard lockdown it has come to know, and at Level 1 the only restrictions would be on international travel.

The plan makes no mention of when citizens will be allowed to exercise out of home, or buy cigarettes specifically.

Here’s what life will look like under each of South Africa’s five proposed levels of Covid-19 restrictions.

Level 5: life under lockdown

Level 5 is the hard lockdown South Africa has come to know: only essentials may be bought, and only essentials may be made. 

Level 4: essentials, and a little bit extra

  • You’ll be able to buy even non-essential stuff from stores already open to sell food – but not booze.
  • Postal delivery will resume.
  • E-hailing and taxis will be allowed at any time, but with limits on how many passengers each may carry.
  • Industries to reopen include: agriculture (including wine-making), open-cast mining, and all financial and professional services.

Level 3: takeaways, booze, and clothes

  • Some domestic air travel will return, but with limited flights per day – and authorisation required to travel.
  • You’ll be able to buy takeaway food and order from Uber Eats and Mr D.
  • Online stores will be allowed to sell and deliver.
  • Clothing stores will be open – and you’ll be able to buy hardware even if you aren’t a plumber.
  • Booze will be on sale again, albeit during restricted hours.
  • Also back on sale: stationery, cellphones and computers, and books.
  • Industries to reopen include: carmakers, chemicals, and Transnet.

Level 2: you can fly, and domestic workers return

  • Domestic workers will be allowed to return to work, and informal waste-pickers will be allowed on the street.
  • You’ll be able to fly without an excuse, albeit only within South Africa.
  • All retail, manufacturing, and construction will be allowed, with no capacity limits for miners.
  • Also back: all government services, and installation and maintenance workers.

Level 1: ‘restrictions’ on international travel

Besides hygiene requirements for public transport, the only limitation at Level 1 would be unspecified “restrictions on international travel”.

(source: News24)