26 November 2019 – FIFA and CAF Referees Development Officer and Instructor, Jerome Damon has explained Maritzburg United’s second and winning goal against Kaizer Chiefs in Sunday’s Telkom Knockout semi-final match at Mbombela Stadium.

‘Being in an offside position is not an offense; the offense is judged the moment the ball is last played by a team mate.

“There was no offside in Maritzburg second goal,” explained Damon.

“A player is in an offside position when he is closer to the goal line than his second last opponent and the ball. Therefore, the Maritzburg United goal scorer was behind the ball and was not offside.

“There is no issue of gaining an advantage because gaining an advantage is judged if the player is in an offside position and if the ball is deflected or rebounds from a team mate, opponent or goal posts.

“Therefore, Maritzburg United scored a legitimate and good goal,” concluded Damon.