5 August 2019 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) has taken note, over a period of time now, of misleading and false reports from Tiso Blackstar Group media.

While there are too many such instances in which the Group has deliberately distorted matters to suit their own agenda, SAFA will highlight three of such instances in which Tiso Blackstar seem to have an open agenda against the Association and its leadership.

We see this as one way the Group’s certain media individuals are being used as part of the campaign by those who lost the election in 2018.

Here are THREE recent instances in which SAFA has taken serious concern about misleading and false stories emanating from Tiso Blackstar’s journalists:

  1. The aforementioned journalists, using the same modus operandi of quoting anonymous sources, said SAFA ‘cooked their financial books’; something which is laughable and a blatant lie because the annual general meeting (AGM) was, as is the norm, overseen by the reputable financial group E&Y and independent auditors. The results were approved by the entire SAFA Congress and was attended by most mainstream media including those from Tiso Blackstar Group. It is to SAFA’s surprise that the same journalists now believe ‘cooked’ facts from their so called sources.
  2. Only last week, Sunday Times reported that former Bafana Bafana coach Stuart Baxter would be paid R17m for his departure. This is not only false and misleading but goes to show the said journalists have a hidden agenda because these figures are not only very false and misleading but the coach himself refuted this, something the Sunday Times deliberately ignored. Despite both SAFA and coach Baxter refuting these false figures, Sunday Times ignored such and went ahead with their sensational and fabricated story.To underscore their agenda, this past week Sunday Times wrote that SAFA owed Baxter part of his salary. Both SAFA and Baxter categorically stated that no cent was owed to anyone as everyone at SAFA is paid on time, but once again Sunday Times decided to go ahead with their false story.
  3. Today, Monday, 05 August 2019, the same Group wrote that SAFA spent ‘R6m to re-elect Danny Jordaan.’ The facts are, the mentioned amount was used to convene and run the 2018 Electoral Congress which is held after every 4 years. Such a Congress not only elects the President but the entire SAFA NEC including those from the NSL.

SAFA has taken note of the ongoing deliberate distortions by the Tiso Blackstar Group in a continuous bid to harm the name of the Association and individuals and going forward, the Association will consider its options.