29 April 2019 – The FIFA Technical Directors workshop kicked off in Johannesburg on Monday, 29 April 2019 in which various topics will be discussed in a bid to grow the game on the African continent.

The workshop was opened by Jurg Nepfer, FIFA head of Technical Development Services who started by praising SAFA for having most of their teams qualified for various global and continental tournaments.

The current workshop which is the third of such workshops, will be divided into two parts, one for management and leadership while the other is for the Secretary Generals.

“The whole idea of having this workshop is to harmonise the teamwork since football is all about working together. This workshop is also to divide the roles and responsibilities of the TDs and General Secretaries and how they can work together,” said Nepfer.

CAF’s development director, Raul Chipenda said he hoped this workshop, with all the top instructors around, will go a long way in propping up the African game. He said the African game needed such type of workshops as they were beneficial for the growth of the sport.

SAFA’s Acting CEO, Russell Paul welcomed the delegates adding sharing of information was paramount for the growth of the sport.

“In this evolving world, we need to share information in order to improve ourselves,” said Paul.

“Let’s sit around the table and take our game forward. Let’s brainstorm issues that can grow our game and impart what we have learned here when we get back home.”

The workshop will run until 3 May 2019.