26 April 2019 – World football governing body, FIFA will be hosting the 3rd module of the Technical Directors workshop in Johannesburg from 29 April to 3 May in which various topics will be dissected.

This particular workshop will be attended by mostly English-speaking nations and only those TDs who have gone through the first two modules, will attend this one.

The first of such workshop on the African continent was held in Malawi with the second one in Johannesburg last year.

According to SAFA TD, Neil Tovey, this upcoming workshop will also be attended by the respective FA’s Secretary Generals as one way to synchronise the working relationship between the two important offices.

“About 20 African countries will be represented at this particular one and will cover various topics. Learning is a journey and there is no time one will stop learning,” said the former Bafana Bafana captain and defender.

He said the link which this workshop will help connect between the FA’s Council members, the SG and TD will go a long way in harmonising the working relationship of various arms of the game.