28 February 2019 – The workshop on Device Monitoring Physical fitness performance concludes today, 28 February through the partnership of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the South African Football Association (SAFA), for Francophone countries.

Although this system of GPS monitoring of players is currently being used by the local premiership clubs, the system is still new to many African countries.

CAF and SAFA have invited many physicians, coaches and referees from around the continent to learn about this system.

The Catapult GPS System allows for player/ referee monitoring during matches and training sessions, helping to assess the fitness, health and ability of players and referees alike.

President of the CAF Technical Committee Mr Kalusha Bwalya said he highly supports the Catapult system.

“I played in a different era of football where we did not have the level of technology available today.I believe that CAF have done an outstanding job with launching this workshop as it will assist countries with modern football” said Bwalya.

“The Catapult system will allow for us as Africa to move up in world football, because all the European countries have adopted this system. It is evident in their play, as you can see the abilities of players throughout the European Leagues”; said Bwalya.

This system is designed to give coaches and physical trainers a better idea of the state of players. Through the heart monitoring and tracking of movements on the pitch, the Catapult system reads data that was previously not available to the technical staff of teams.