• The coaching development programme
  • Specifying the Criteria for Selection to the Coaching Development Courses
  • SAFA Coaching Structure
  • Continue to Train Coaches at Introductory Level
  • Continue to Train Coaches at Level One
  • Continue the Level Two and Pro Licence Training Cycles
  • Continue the Youth Coaching Course
  • Continue the Coach Educators/Instructors Course
  • Goalkeeper Coaches Course
  • Special Course for High Profile Legends /PSL Coaches
  • Establishment of Coaches Forum
  • Establish the Congress of South African Football Academies
  • The Talent Identification System
  • The Credentialing, Licensing and Validation of Coaches
  • Technical Analysis of International Match Reports
  • Provision of Technical Assistance to National Teams
  • Summary of Football Education Department Objectives
  • Coaching Statistics

Governance of the Coach Education Structure

As part of its Vision 2022 plan, the Association has streamlined its governance structures, combining several Standing Committees into clusters to ensure better coordination and oversight of its programmes. The SAFA Technical Committee oversees the SAFA Coach Education Programme and is part of the football and technical cluster of committees that includes the SAFA Technical Committee, the SAFA Referees Committee and the SAFA Medical Committee.

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