27 March 2024 — The release of Inqaku’s player self-registration service marked a pivotal moment for club administrators, streamlining the cumbersome process of electronic player registration. 

Effective immediately, clubs will only be charged the standard league registration fee if they opt to use the otherwise free service, eliminating the previous flat introductory fee of R25 per registration.

“We listened to our clubs and LFAs and as of 25 March, there is no additional cost for using player self-registration,” explained Shane Felix, General Manager of Inqaku.

Here’s how player self-registration works:

  1. Club Invitation: A coach or club administrator shares the club’s player self-registration link with players. (Log into admin.mysafa.net or contact the Inqaku support team to get your club’s link.)
  2. Electronic Submission: Players use their smartphones or tablets to register and submit their information directly to the club admin.
  3. Administrative Review: Upon receiving a new registration, the club admin is notified via email. They can then review and approve (or reject) the registration, assigning the player to the appropriate team and submitting to the league administrator for final approval.

In just a few short minutes an entire team can be registered, reviewed, and submitted by club admins, eliminating hours of tedium. 

Clubs are charged when a player is added to a team by the club admin, with pricing based on the league attributes.

For more information contact the Inqaku support team at support@inqaku.com.