4 March 2024 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) has noted the attempt to create a negative narrative and derail the Bafana Bafana and Banyana Banyana programmes.

We will not be detracted from our plans and we are fully focused on qualifying for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Bafana Bafana are participating in the FIFA Series international friendlies pilot project in Algeria, which runs from 18 to 26 March 2024. Banyana Banyana are playing the final round of the Paris Olympic qualifier against Nigeria between the 1st and the 9th of April 2024.

There is one matter we wish to address, and it is related to SAFA CEO Lydia Monyepao. Ms Monyepao and Dr Danny Jordaan dismiss claims that she wants to quit and has been bullied by the SAFA President. They have dismissed the claim as malicious gossip with the contempt it deserves.

The SAFA CEO said she has a normal working relationship with the President and has no intention to quit, as claimed.

“The President and I have a healthy working relationship,” the SAFA CEO said.

The CEO and the President were together in Côte d’Ivoire recently during the Africa Cup of Nations and met today (Monday, 4 March 2024) to discuss the upcoming programmes of Bafana Bafana and Banyana Banyana, amongst other football matters.

SAFA has also noted a letter that is purported to have been authored by a member of the NEC, and while the authenticity of the letter has not been verified, SAFA has a communications policy and any member who has a concern knows the procedures to follow.