25 February 2024 – South African Football Association (SAFA) Vice-President Linda Zwane together with SAFA Technical Director Walter Steenbok concluded their visit to the Free State on Sunday, 25 February 2024, which is part of the TD’s Provincial tour.

The tours kicked off in 2023 and are aimed at informing members of football in the provinces about the Technical Development plan along with other areas of football.

Vice-President Zwane opened the session by thanking the members who availed themselves for the provincial visit and highlighted the main purpose of the tours.

“We are here to deliver the message and roadmap for SAFA’s broader vision. The TD has been tasked to deliver the Association’s mandate and I’m glad we have a capable individual,” said Zwane.

“We are now working on our Vision 2030, and we cannot expect it to be implemented if those who have to deliver the vision do not feel part of it or do not understand it.

“We have already been to Mpumalanga, Limpopo, the Eastern Cape and today in the Free State, we will continue with the other provinces in due course,” concluded Zwane.

Steenbok presented the Technical Development Plan to the members in attendance and allowed them to engage in the discussion, while also identifying areas of interest to their Province, Regions, and Local Football Associations.

He also highlighted areas that have improved since he came into office in 2022 and shared his plan for the next three years.

“My mandate is to serve South African football and although we have had our challenges, we need to celebrate our achievements.

“We are back in the CAF Convention. The CAF A Coaching Diploma is running smoothly, we hosted CAF C Coaching course for the Hollywoodbets Super League in January 2024, and have another CAF C currently underway in Limpopo. The CAF B is scheduled for April 2024 and we have released dates for other Coaching Courses for this whole year,” said Steenbok.

“We have built the next U17 Men’s National Team through the Talent Development Scheme (TDS),  also began our pilot U15 Girls Inter-LFA Leagues among other programs. We have hosted one of the two National Coaches Methodology Workshops and launched the Clive Barker Academy, which has attracted a lot of suggested courses.”

Added the SAFA TD: “These are just a few victories that I have mentioned and we still have a lot to do, therefore these provincial tours are very key in aligning what the national office is doing with what is happening on the ground;” concluded Steenbok.