15 December 2023- U15 Boys National Team Dr Odirile Seshoka had a morning session with the players as they begin their international footballing careers.

The doctor addressed issues facing the new generation of youth, spoke about achieving goals, the importance of balancing education with football and highlighted the mental health occurrences in the sporting world.

“You boys are a lucky bunch to be out here in Morocco, this is the beginning of what promises to be great football journey if you put in the effort, and discipline; said Dr Seshoka.

“The hierarchy of competence must accompany your goals, to become a better version of yourself.

You must contribute to your community and country through academics and sports. It is important to be held accountable for your actions, and we are living in an era in which many sportsmen are failing to understand this.

“Education remains a powerful tool to change your lives. Learn to read and write, use all the tools you have available to as Generation Z. Always ask for help when in question about your career;” concluded Dr Seshoka.

The South African U15 Boys National Team is out in Morocco for two international friendly matches. They lost 4-2 to Cote d’Ivoire in their first encounter on 12 December 2023, and will face Morocco U15 on Saturday, 17 December 2023.