13 August 2021 – The South African Football Association’s Super League partner, Hollywoodbets, has announced that it has gone into partnership with English Premier League side Brentford FC. As the English Premier League kicks off this week, the Hollywoodbets brand will be seen around the world by football fans.

Local Football lovers will see the leading South African sports betting operator, Hollywoodbets, as the front-of-jersey sponsor for recently promoted Brentford FC.

The partnership between the two parties promises to have a plethora of benefits for football lovers and players in South Africa. Hollywoodbets Brand and Communications Manager, Devin Heffer, said, “We are going to be having a lot of fun. A lot of events, engagements and activations with the fans and hopefully grow the Brentford footprint in South Africa.”

Heffer said Hollywoodbets will aim to create football structures in South Africa like clinics, seminars and exhibition matches that will benefit South Africans and the local game. “We want to join it with our Hollywoodbets Super League sponsorship and take it to the next level. I think not only from the South African football fan, but for those who are playing football there is going to be a lot of opportunities that are going to be coming through this sponsorship,” he said.

One of Hollywoodbets’ biggest goals is to get players and coaches – both male and female – to experience a matchday at a Premier League stadium in order to give them an idea of how the game is played at that level. And also the possibility of pre-season tours involving Brentford and South African opposition. The experiences and opportunities created will be invaluable for South African talent.

Brentford Chief Executive Officer, Jon Varney, said they look for talent across the globe and when they identify it, they bring it into the club and develop it and explained that this is part of their business model. “If there is great talent in South Africa, it is the job of our scouts to identify them,” he said. Having links with South Africa would make their job of finding talent easier.

Just like Hollywoodbets, Varney said Brentford has many community-oriented outreach programmes and would like to expand their scope to South Africa.

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