The Technical Division of SAFA has been receiving enquiries about coaching courses and similar activities advertised by some known football individuals. These advertisements are done on the various social media platforms and individuals are invited to pay a fee in order to take part.

The following should be noted

  1. Any official football activity happening in any SAFA Region will only proceed with the authorisation of the regional authorities there.
  2. The authorisation referred to above will be in writing and on SAFA letterheads
  3. SAFA activities will be published on SAFA platforms and shall have the contact details of the SAFA officials for further enquiries and overall communication
  4. SAFA Coaching courses are conducted under the auspices of the SAFA Coaching Education Department
  5. If there is any education and training partner with SAFA, the relevant SAFA office will inform the SAFA regions and partners about this and how to cooperate with such a partner.
  6. In the absence of an official communication from various SAFA authorities it is recommended that members of the public should seek clarification from their nearest SAFA offices to verify any football course or related activity as they may notice it in particularly in the media.

It is also important to note that a coaching course becomes official once it is recognised by the Technical Committee of SAFA.

For further information please contact:

SAFA: Head of Communications

Dominic Chimhavi


Mobile: +27 71 332 9886