3 October 2020 The SAFA Audit and Risk Committee met on Friday, 2 October 2020 and, in the context of a media query, resolved that it is surprised by some media houses who continue to peddle unfounded assertions regarding the amount paid for the purchase of Fun Valley (SAFA Technical Centre).

The R65m amount was approved by the SAFA NEC following a professional evaluation of the centre and this was later relayed and accepted by the world football governing body, FIFA, CAF and was fully reported to the Parliamentary Committee on Sport, Arts and Culture a few weeks ago.

It then comes as a surprise that some media houses still find issue with this matter and SAFA reserves the right to institute legal proceedings against any individual or persons who continue to harm the name of the organisation on this matter.

·         The SAFA Audit and Risk Committee has noted the continuous questions which were ventilated, sufficiently in the public domain since May 2020, and therefore cannot comprehend why a journalist from a weekend newspaper continue to ask the same questions which were appropriately responded to.

·         We reiterate our position that while the purchase was a unanimous NEC decision, relayed to FIFA, the President of SAFA did not sign a contract for the purchase of the Technical Centre, then called Fun Valley.

·         The contract was signed by the then SAFA CEO Mr Dennis Mumble indicating the purchase and agreed price of R65 million.  This was after the site visit by the SAFA NEC and some FIFA delegation.

·         This matter was placed before the NEC after all procedures were followed including sending official correspondence to FIFA, which was done by CEO Mumble under the heading of: Application for FIFA GOAL PROJECT.

·         As a result, on 22 May 2015, Mr Mumble signed the Sale of Property and Business Agreement with Mr Godfrey Johannes Paul Cohen.

·         It is important to note that the President of SAFA is not a signatory to this purchase agreement nor was he copied on correspondence leading to the purchase and neither is the President of SAFA a signatory on any payment. This is the sole responsibility of the CEO and the CFO.

·         The property has always been part of the SAFA Audited Financial report by the then CEO and approved by the SAFA Congress, the highest decision-making body.

·         Therefore, the NEC and the Audit and Risk Committee rejects any false claims and has initiated steps against these disgruntled members who continue to tarnish the image of the organisation.

·         We further wish to point out that this fake evaluation (of a lesser purchase amount) has been a matter of discussion at the NEC meeting on 20 June 2020 where the then chair of the Audit and Risk Committee, Mr Mxolisi Sibam explained how the value of property and businesses are evaluated and further pointed out that Fun Valley was purchased as both a property and business. We therefore call for any publication to do proper research before placing falsehood in the public space.

The Committee also found it odd that this said journalist acted as if this is a fresh matter. He should have done his homework before engaging into unchartered territory.
The ventilated questions are well documented and we should just refer the journalist to previous responses. If he doesn’t have it, he can consult our archives.

The two individuals mentioned in the query, Messrs Dennis Mumble and Malesela Mooka should be charged for bringing the Association into disrepute and also be referred to the relevant Ethics committee for investigation.

The Audit Committee is busy preparing for Audit and cannot sit and wait as though we are a complaints office for queries on matters that have been resolved.

For further information please contact:

SAFA: Head of Communications
Dominic Chimhavi
Email: dominic.chimhavi@safa.net
Mobile: +27 71 332 9886