23 April 2020 – Chairperson John Comitis has revealed that the Cape Town City players will take a 20% pay cut if football cannot resume by May.

All sporting activities were suspended alongside an enforced lockdown as a result of the coronavirus.

With uncertainty around if or when the Premier Soccer League will be able to resume, City have started taking steps towards self-mitigation.

Comitis told TimesLIVE: “We all have to act responsibly to try and get everybody to be able to at least put food on the table.

“We’ve undertaken to pay full salaries in April with a clear understanding that if there’s no football return next month there have to be some drastic changes.

“Over and above that, if we do return there would still be some percentage cut across the board, including the players.

“I’ve had these consultations with the staff already. I think they’ve all understood the position we are in. I also don’t want to let everybody get caught 10 days before pay not being able to make arrangements.

“So we’ve given them a month’s breather to sort out their lives by the end of next month. By then I can tell you there are definitely going to be drastic changes.”

(source: News24)