9 April 2020 – SAFA Phoenix will become the first LFA to utilize MYSAFA PRO cards and WhatsApp access for all their 2020 leagues. Successfully piloted during the current Nelson Mandela Bay SAB League, SAFA’s unique MYSAFA PRO system is about to take the nation by storm. 

With COVID-19 currently the centre of attention, this is a ray of good news for players, parents and fans of local football in Phoenix. MYSAFA is the only FIFA- and WhatsApp-integrated player registration system in the world.

“We have always been a leading LFA in terms of utilising the latest technologies,” said SAFA Phoenix President Desmond Ganesan. “Once we became aware of the MYSAFA Pro initiative, we did not hesitate to sign up. Unfortunately due to the lockdown we are delayed, but still we look forward to it.”

The MYSAFA PRO WhatsApp “bot” in action

In addition to the normal MYSAFA player ID cards which are typically kept by coaches and used only on match days, each of SAFA Phoenix’s approximately 3 000 players will receive a second, sponsor-branded MYSAFA PRO card which they keep. The card gives the players access to their league fixtures, results and current log standings via the MYSAFA WhatsApp “bot” and includes an additional R5k accidental death insurance policy for all over-18 players. 

All clubs will also be registered with FIFA and receive a FIFA ID number. Starting this year, MYSAFA’s integration with FIFA Connect and the FIFA Clearing House will all but guarantee that top clubs are paid their due training rewards for players and clubs holding FIFA IDs. 

Click here for an explanation of how training rewards will be paid in the coming FIFA 2.0 world.

“It’s true that clubs actually stand to be the greatest beneficiaries of the MYSAFA system,” Ganesan pointed out. “But ensuring that every player and club is registered with FIFA will benefit our association greatly. We have already seen some of our local players sign pro contracts with PSL teams and as far as I am aware our clubs have not been compensated.”

Ganesan also expects MYSAFA PRO to be a great tool to attract sponsors to local football.

“We have never before had a way to communicate directly with players, parents and fans. The ubiquity of Whatsapp — even for those that perhaps don’t have regular access to the internet — is a great benefit.”

For more information on how your club or LFA can benefit from MYSAFA PRO, send an email to support@mywww.safa.net.

By Dhirshan Gobind