8 April 2020 – The independent FIFA Human Rights Advisory Board (HRAB), which comprises eight international experts in human rights and related areas, has published its fourth report and recommendations.

The report, which covers the period from May to December 2019, recognises the important progress that FIFA has made on human rights over the last few years, while also highlighting the need for the organisation to now focus on embedding accountability for human rights at the political and governance levels.

“We very much welcome the advisory board’s latest report and wish to thank the members for their support and expert guidance in helping us to develop and strengthen our work in this area and as we look to embed human rights across football,” said FIFA’s Chief Social Responsibility and Education Officer, Joyce Cook.

“In line with the board’s advice, we are currently revisiting our human rights work with a view to further strengthen the integration of human rights at all levels of the organisation.”

FIFA has also published a detailed summary report based on the HRAB’s previous recommendations, including an update on human rights efforts in FIFA tournaments, child safeguarding and the FIFA Guardians programme, as well as the progress made towards ending the stadium ban for women in IR Iran together with an update on several other high-profile cases.

The HRAB, which was established by the FIFA President and which held its first meeting in March 2017, provides expert guidance and support to FIFA in maintaining its commitment to embed human rights across its operations in accordance with the FIFA Statutes and the FIFA Human Rights Policy. The board provides both informal advice and formal recommendations to FIFA on a pro bono basis and meets twice a year with representatives of the FIFA administration.

(source: FIFA.com)