13 October 2019 – A landmark Stadium Safety and Security Workshop organized by CAF will take place from 14-15 October in Cairo aimed at ensuring the safety and security of football fans, players and officials both during and after games.

The two-day workshop under the theme ‘Promoting Stadium Safety and Security’ is being organized with the support of FIFA through its Forward Programme and is a great step forward for African football, as it aims to equip National Security Officers at CAFs 54 Member Associations with the skills, expertise and knowledge of international best practices, in stadium safety and security.

The workshop builds on the already solid safety and security foundations that were laid at CAF when it established the first-ever Safety and Security Department headed by Dr. Christian Emeruwa, in February 2018.

Safety and Security representatives from each Member Association will take part in extensive discussions on ways to secure games and guarantee the safety of the players, officials and fans during games.

According to Dr. Emeruwa, the workshop’s objectives include the following;

  • To develop capacity among the National Security Officers of Member Associations
  • Exchange opinions and ideas on the challenges faced by National Security Officers whilst carrying out their duties
  • Introduce the new CAF Safety and Security regulations as minimum standards to be adopted for any CAF organized match
  • Reinforce the need for National Security Officers to upscale the importance of safety and security planning and execution phases in all matches within their domain
  • Get a firm commitment from all Member Associations to improve safety and security standards in their respective jurisdictions
  • To establish effective networking and cooperation among National Security Officers