16 August 2019 – The South African Football Association’s  MYSAFA registration and competition management system continues to assist multiple Regions and Local Football Associations (LFAs) with key administrative tasks throughout the country.

Promoting efficient tracking of players from youth level, preventing age-cheating and enhancing the sport in general, are just a few of the goals of this revolutionary system.

One of the provinces to really benefit from the software due to its vast number of soccer players and supporters is none other than Gauteng, arguably the heart of SA football.

SAFA.net spoke to SAB League Coordinator of the prominent Ekurhuleni region within the Gauteng province, Bonele Jele, who shared some interesting experiences with the system and the positives that it will inevitably bring to the country’s footballing structures and teams.

“It has been really good since inception. It helps to easily trace records of players as in the past you couldn’t track a player’s career at all. A really solid system,” said Jele.

One of the major topics that came out of the interview was the cheating aspect, which Jele states is now firmly a thing of the past.

“We have had a few cases in which this system has helped us to curb fraud. This is due to to the linking of the ID number via Home Affairs. When paper sheets were used and photos were placed on top of actual papers, sometimes incorrect photos were utilized. Now we have actual cards and an App Verifier, which is great. In one instance a team cheated by using the wrong paper-sheets and different photos but we verified using the card number,” added Jele.

Jele also stated that the system is very simple to use and that all you require is a good internet connection. The administrator also complimented the MYSAFA Support team who quickly solve any offline issues virtually immediately and then also gave a thumbs-up to the ‘transfer request feature’.

“It is fantastic with clearances as the notification bar pops up very fast and provides a status. The process is very quick and the clearance gets approved in no time.”

Jele was also very excited about the potential of the software in terms of how it can take SA football to the next level.

“The tracking of a player’s progress can really guide our various structures. The system can tell you when and where a current U17 player played at U11 level for example and how much game time he/she had. All LFAs need to place each and every league onto the system in order to get the maximum benefit. It also provides vital information relevant to the Vision 2022 project,” enthused Jele.

Jele concluded by praising the ClubPro system as big teams can no longer exploit feeder clubs. There is now recognition and something to show for their hard work.

If you are also serious about developing the next Benni McCarthy or Cristiano Ronaldo, then you to should be a part of this initiative and be rewarded for your efforts.

If you would like more information or would like to try out the system, go to https://mysafaclubpro.com