12 August 2019 – The South African Football Association’s (SAFA) much talked-about MYSAFA system has taken the country by storm over the past couple of years.

MYSAFA, which operates under the tagline “Bringing SA Football Together”, inherently serves as a stakeholder management and communication system for utilization within its internal structures.

By aligning all Provinces, Regions and Local Football Associations (LFAs) onto a single platform, MYSAFA promotes efficient football administration and the enhancement of the sport throughout the nation.

With other provinces providing positive feedback on the software in recent weeks, SAFA.net had the opportunity to talk to General Secretary, Mr Donald Rampedi (who also doubles as a Regional Executive), who offered his unique views on the system, future potential and more.

Rampedi stated that his initial impressions on the system were more than satisfactory.

“Look it is a more than decent system. It helps to eradicate cheating, which has been a real issue for many years. No longer can a player ply his trade for two leagues or two teams. We are now looking to roll it out at LFA level. The secretaries of the various LFAs had a very successful workshop and things are looking good,” he said.

The Secretary elaborated by commenting on the easy-to-use nature of the software and why it is important for South African football.

“I love the fact that it is user-friendly. You don’t get intimidated by the system. Details are accurate and everything is transparent. Age-groups are displayed perfectly and it simply doesn’t condone illegal activities or irregular movements of players. One can easily double-check a players details and this is a vital aspect,” added Rampedi.

“Administrators can now easily track any age-group, be it U21s in the SAB League or U23s and this will indeed be to the advantage of our national teams. This database is really important as things are all in one place. Currently the Mopani region alone in the province, has over 3000 registrations and we have more control than before. All regions now have this luxury and it can only help local football,” concluded Rampedi.

With overall registrations increasing daily and local competitions improving steadily via this system, SAFA’s Vision 2022 plan has received a timely boost through this modern technological drive, that has seen first world nations such as Germany, benefitting to no end. All national teams have already improved in some way, shape or form and the results and participation in major events speak for themselves. Could this be that panacea that South African football has been searching for?

If you are a football administrator and would like more information or would like to be a part of the system, go to https://mysafaclubpro.com/