12 July 2019 – The South African Football Association’s (SAFA) registration and competition management system, MYSAFA, has gained traction over the past year or so as more and more administrators have familiarised themselves with the software.

With the Eastern Cape effectively serving as the birth place of MYSAFA, is comes as no surprise that most regions within the province have already utilised it and enjoyed the benefits that it inherently provides. These range from developmental to inevitable financial rewards.

The popular Alfred Nzo region has seamlessly become accustomed to the software over the past year as Safa.net caught up with Executive Officer Mr Mzolisi Ngezana, who was more than happy to discuss the system and provide feedback on various aspects.

Ngezana, who has sacrificed some of his own time and lent a hand in training eight administrators across four Local Football Associations (LFAs) in recent months, is more than qualified to offer an opinion on this particular software.

“Well to be totally honest, the system is simply very good. There is no more cheating and clearances are easily executed with no hassles. It is easy-to-use and everything is simple to follow,” he said.

Asked on possible improvements, Mzolisi said he was satisfied with how the system is.

“Look for now it is fine and we haven’t really picked up on anything that needs improving. However, it is only the second season that we have used it and we are still to test it at LFA level, so we will see afterwards,” said Ngezana.

He also stated that he already sees the long-term value and advantage that this software can offer.

“I love that players can now be tracked throughout their careers. There are FIFA ID numbers and regional registration numbers, which means there is no confusion. It is all age-group specific and players can’t have more than one ID now as it is linked to Home Affairs,” added Ngezana.

He also provided a quick comment on the MYSAFA website itself.

“What I love the most about the site is that one doesn’t have to phone other regions in order to find out results. If I wish to see who is on top of the log in any league, I simply have to visit the website. Previously, especially for ABC Motsepe play-offs for example, one had to guess who qualified, but now all logs, results and finer details are readily available and accessible,” concluded Ngezana.

If you are also serious about developing the stars of tomorrow, then you too should be a part of this amazing initiative and get on board with MYSAFA, especially with solidarity payments and the MYSAFA Club Pro system where 5% of a player’s transfer fees go to the training clubs that made them great. You should be rewarded for your hard work!

One incredible statistic is that the equivalent of R145 million was paid to Neymar’s Brazilian training club after his record transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

If you are a football administrator and would like more information or would like to try out the system, go to https://mysafaclubpro.com/

By Dhirshan Gobind