1 July 2019 – The MYSAFA player registration and competition management system, launched by the South African Football Association (SAFA), aims to promote a more organised and professional structure in SA football and help to identify talent.

With close to 300 000 registrations and a competition system that has managed thousands of matches across multiple leagues, the system has already made an impact on local football.

Safa.net had the privilege of chatting to an Executive Committee member of the Sol Plaatje Local Football Association in the Northern Cape (the largest LFA in the region and first to use the system), Mr Motlatsi Makhari, who also doubles as the League Administrator. He provided some key information on his personal experience with the system, his overall opinion, possible improvements as well as benefits.

Safa.net:Tell us a bit about your general experience with the MYSAFA system thus far?

Makhari:Well we began utilising it last year. Our main issue was age-cheating, especially with the U19s and so forth. I then whipped out the user-manual and contacted the MYSAFA head-office in Port Elizabeth to get a feel on how best to use the system. They were extremely helpful. My experience has been great thus far. It is a very effective tool and easily accessible. Dual registrations are now a thing of the past and everything is in control.

Safa.net: What is your overall opinion of the actual software?

Makhari:It is very modern but also easy-to-use and you can do anything with it. Being web-based, one can access it from virtually anywhere as I do on my phone. I can even download Excel sheets. Once you transfer a player from another club you need to download the transfer clearance first or else it blanks grey. This is great feature, especially in the legal sense! Also, nobody can use your credentials and hack in, which means security is tight.

Safa.net: What areas do you feel can be improved on?

Makhari:The one thing I would like to have is the option to be able to move fixtures both back and forward. If for example a game is on the 15th of December but needs to be moved earlier, I can’t do it and can only reschedule it after the 15th.

Safa.net: How do you feel the software can benefit SA football?

Makhari:It is going to be a great benefit to our football, from the lowest levels all the way up. The main reason for this is that cheating is no longer in the system and that players are easily tracked. If a player moves from an LFA to an ABC Motsepe team for example and then to Orlando Pirates, this is all on the system and the feeder club will have no problems getting paid with the new solidarity scheme and Club Pro system in place.

Safa.net:Lastly, what is your opinion of the MYSAFA website?

Makhari:It is truly user-friendly and doesn’t need improving. I have no issues with it and one can easily view fixtures, logs and results.

With other regions also providing similar feedback, the MYSAFA system seems to be on the right track. With constant improvements, there is a renewed confidence that South African football is firmly on the way up.