21 June 2019 — SAFA Coaching D Licence Course facilitator Keneilwe ‘Maestro’ Mathibela says she is pleased with how her students’ practicals went, adding that they showed great understanding of the material they had learned throughout the week in class.

These practicals took place in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg where over 200 kids showed to make the SAFA Grassroots and Development Programme festival a complete success.

“Today was the last day of the course and I am very pleased with how things went,” Mathibela said. “Our coaches performed really well in their practicals and also demonstrated a good understanding over the material they have been learning in class.

“They were very sound in how they executed their respective tasks in today’s session, which was very key in getting the kids that they were working with to enjoy themselves.”

Mathibela also applauded SAFA for partnering with Lotto to host an all-women’s coaching course, adding that such an initiative will bear fruit in the long run. A total of 24 female aspiring professional coaches attended this course which took place in Fun Valley, Johannesburg since Monday (17 June).

“We still need more qualified female coaches working with our young ones throughout the country,” Mathibela said. “And I believe that SAFA should be applauded for making the needed strides in helping to empower women in the sport.”