16 June 2019 – I have just seen this article in the Sunday Times. It is clear that Mr Lucas Nhlapho and his friends are behind this old, old story that we have dismissed as fake and very untrue.

We can assure our members and the public out there with confidence that the Association, led by Dr Danny Jordaan, is run by men and women of high integrity and honesty.

Unfortunately, Lucas (Nhlapho) and his friends are deliberately lying and misleading the public by saying we included R148m as money we received from Government and yet we have not received the money.

Our financial report is a public document available on our website. On page 37 of the 2018 financials, you will see on note 3 that our income for the year has been broken down into details and amounts as follows: revenue from tickets, television rights, host cities, sponsorship, rental, grants from the Legacy Trust and Fun Valley Resort (Technical Centre). Where on earth did Mr Nhlapho and the Sunday Times journalists see R148m from Governmentt?

Our financial policy on how we treat income is on page 33 of the Report and can also be accessed from the SAFA website.

We do not recognize or record any income until the event the income is meant for, is done or carried out.

Please advise anyone who cares to listen.

By Gay Mokoena (SAFA vice-president and Chair of the Finance and Remuneration Committee).