20 DECEMBER 2018 – The 2018 edition of the Discovery Walter Sisulu Soccer Challenge is currently underway at the Nike Football Training Centre in Pimville, Soweto. Here are results of Day 20 and the fixture of the next day.

Chiawelo F.C 1 vs. Zulu Warriors F.C 0 Under 17 08h00
Devland Holy Boys F.C 2 vs. Real Stars F.C 0 Under 17 08h00
Sebokeng Academy F.C 0 vs. Witbank Academy F.C 2 08h00
Africa Football Selection  F.C  5 vs. Orlando Destroyers F.C 2 11h30
Meadowlands Academy F.C. 2 vs. Inqaba F.C. 1 11h30
Golden Boots F.C. 0 vs. Vilakazi Academy  F.C. 2 13h00
Hlokoloza F.C. 0 vs. Shining Stars  F.C. 2 13h00
Rockville F.C. 3 vs. Trabzonsport F.C. 4 14h30
Sabelo Super Stars  F.C. 0 vs. Zak Park All Stars  F.C. 2 14h30
Mofolo North to South FC 2 vs. Killarney Motswako 0 16h00
Senoane Gunners F.C 5 vs Red Stars 1 16h00
Soweto Super United F.C. 2 vs. Soweto All Stars 0 17h30


FIXTURE: Friday, 21 December 2018


Hunters F.C vs. Naledi Juventus F.C Under 17 08h00
Catalonia F.C vs. Super Spurs F.C Under 17 08h00
Freedom Park X1 Experience F.C vs. White City Eleven F.C Under 17 09h00
Ficky all Stars F.C vs. Kathorus Juventus F.C Under 17 09h00
Kerk Street F.C vs. Zola Seven Stars F.C Open 10h00
Everything Football F.C vs. Mbimbos United F.C Open 10h00
Dube Continental F.C vs. Shining Stars F.C Open 11h30
Pimville United F.C vs. CS Martimo F.C Open 11h30
Young Blood F.C vs. Selecao F.C Open 13h00
Thuamo United F.C vs. Sneke Chillers F.C Open 13h00
J. Stars F.C vs. Protea Glen United F.C Open 14h30
White City Spurs F.C vs. Moletsane United F.C Open 14h30
Qhakaza Development vs The Citizen F.C Under 17 16h00
Soweto Punishers F.C vs. Freedom Park Gunners F.C Open 16h00
Bovard Treading F.C vs. Mamba Stars F.C Open 17h30
La Masia F.C vs. Future Stars F.C Open 19h00