1 June 2018 – A FIFA workshop to empower African FAs to deal with dispute resolution matters was held in Johannesburg from 31 May – 1 June in which four African countries attended.

The FIFA National Dispute Resolution Chamber workshop which was presided over by FIFA’s Project Manager of the Professional Football Department, Pedro Iriondo was attended by hosts South Africa, Ghana, Egypt and Botswana.

According to FIFA, currently, only a limited number of member associations have a national dispute rsolution chamber of a body structured along similar lines that fulfils the criteria of article 22 paragraph b) of the Regulations of the Status and Transfer of Players.

This means the vast majority of international employment-related disputes fall within the jurisdiction of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and that the majority of national cases may not find appropriate solutions.

In order to modernise social relations within football between clubs and players and between employers and employees, and in order to shift responsibilities from FIFA to its member associations, the FIFA Task Force “For the Good of the Game” and in particular the Working Group for Political Matters have drafted these Standard National Dispute Resolution Chamber Regulations for creating national dispute resolution chambers along the lines of principles of the FIFA DRC and in particular, the principle of equal representation of players and clubs.