11 October 2017 – The South African Football Association’s coaching department’s aggressive approach to coaching development has paid dividends after the department released its latest statistics on the overall number of coaches trained from January to September this year.

SAFA’s nationwide drive to develop more coaches and instructors is driven by the association’s Vision 2022 goal of developing more coaches who can assist in the scouting and development of future footballers.

Since January this year, a total of 1394 aspiring coaches acquired their SAFA D Licence badge which comprised of 117 females and 1277 males. This is from the 45 SAFA D License courses conducted during this period.

From the eight SAFA C License coaching courses, the association has since accredited 231 coaches comprising of 225 male and six female coaches.

A total of 35 A Licence coaching badges have been accredited to 33 males and 2 female coaches while 28 male and two female coaches have acquired their SAFA goalkeeper coaching course licenses.

Meanwhile, SAFA Free State is inviting interested coaching candidates to submit applications for the upcoming SAFA D Licence coaching course set to take place at the FSSI Lecture Hall in Bloemfontein from 17 to 21 October.

Coaches are to submit a brief coaching profile with a letter of recommendation from their respective Local Football Association. To find out more on how to apply for the course, click here. 

SAFA Coaching Statistics from January to September: 

D license 45 conducted

Females= 117

Males= 1277

Total= 1394


C license 8 Conducted

Females= 6




A license 1 Conducted




Goalkeeper Course 1 Conducted