1 August 2017 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) will be hosting its inaugural SAFA Provincial Technical Officers training from Tuesday, 1 August until Thursday, 10 August at the SAFA Technical Centre, south of Johannesburg.

On the back of the ongoing SAFA Coaching courses that are being rolled out throughout the country, the SAFA Coaching Education department has again upped it’s efforts of improving the standard of coaching in South Africa.

A total of 18 Provincial Technical Instructors, evenly spread between male and female will take part in the 10-day programme which will be conducted by highly qualified coaching instructors, including SAFA’s Technical Director, Neil Tovey and Coaching Education HOD, Mr. Frans Mogashoa.

All 18 candidates were selected under a very strict selection criteria of being active in football, running a provincial programme as well as implementing coaching courses within their respective provinces.

“We are excited to be taking such a significant step in the improvement of coaching in our country. It is highly important that we have qualified and trusted Technical Officers throughout the country who are well equipped to conduct coaching courses within their communities. This is a first of it’s kind and will definitely go a long way in the development of future coaches around the country” said Coaching HOD, Frans Mogashoa.

The training will involve a number of coaching education topics and assessments where the successful candidates will be accredited as CAF Instructors thus enabling them to conduct coaching courses within their respective areas while at the same time escalating the implementation of SAFA’s Vision 2022 objective.

Full list of candidates and their qualifications (Click here)