27 July 2017 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) has announced to its members that registration for the 2017/2018 SAB League will be done on their new national registration system, MYSAFA.

This move is a first step towards having a single registration system that will help eradicate cross-registration and player identify fraud at all levels of the game. MYSAFA will also help SAFA track players across divisions and age groups, improving the association’s ability to identify and nurture talent within the sport. SAB League fixtures, results and tables will also be maintained in MYSAFA and automatically published on www.safa.net for the first time.

“This will undoubtedly benefit the national teams, allowing us to tailor training programmes and information for those players, clubs, LFAs and Regions. Talent identification for our national teams therefore becomes much easier and more players can get exposure,” said SAFA CEO Dennis Mumble.

A player ID card created by the MYSAFA registration system

When a player is registered on MYSAFA he or she is issued a centrally printed identification card. MYSAFA player cards have been in use since February in SAFA Nelson Mandela Bay Region, where all senior men’s premier and first division teams, as well as women’s regional and many LFA junior leagues, have been piloting the system.

“Once you start using [MYSAFA], there is no going back to the old methods of registering players,” stated Nkosinathi Faaltein, SAFA NMB Regional Executive Officer. “The quality of the card gives confidence to the user and the introduction of the verifier app is also a significant advancement. The process of registering a player is made so simple that we can see that in the near future it will be feasible for a player to [re-] register him or herself.  It also fights many forms of cheating and has significantly lowered our card printing costs.”

SAFA Digital have launched a dedicated MYSAFA Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/mywww.safa.net) to support regional and local football association admins.  Admins are encouraged to “like” the page.  MYSAFA support staff are also available via the “send message” button on the Facebook page.

To request a login for your region or LFA, or to receive more information on MYSAFA or other SAFA Digital initiatives, contact Jason Anderson, Head of SAFA Digital, at jason@safadigital.net.