Today we continue with our weekly feature, touching on key issues for a professional referee in which strong character and discipline are vital components.

The SAFA Referees Department has developed a SAFA Referees code of conduct which serves as a guide to the ethics and conduct of a professional referee.

Below are 10 key pointers taken out of the SAFA Referees Code of Conduct:

  1. All officials shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and carry out their duties to the best of their ability.


  1. Referees should not accept hospitality or gifts from any sources that may cast doubt on their impartiality (Any form of gift accepted should be declared).


  1. Referees should not publicly criticise fellow referees, match officials or administrato


  1. While on official duty, all officials must uphold professional standards of conduct, clarify their professional roles and obligations and accept appropriate responsibility for their behaviou While wearing any SAFA or referee branded apparel or while on official duty, no official shall be seen consuming or purchasing alcohol, drugs or any other substance that could reflect badly on the association.


  1. If a referee has a grievance, it should be directed through the appropriate channels for resolution – in most cases, the provincial referee society’s structu


  1. All officials will attend regular training, meetings and clinics so as to know the Laws of the Game, their proper interpretation and their application. They will maintain knowledge of relevant scientific and professional information related to the services they render, and they recognise the need for ongoing education.


  1. All officials will not make statements about any games except to clarify an interpretation of the Laws of the Game.


  1. All officials must not post anything relevant to their performance or the performance of any colleague on any social media platform.


  1. All officials are bound by the laws of the country and should they commit any offence, it will be dealt with by the justice system of the country.


  1. All officials shall know the rules of tournaments or competitions that they are officiating in and will ensure that they comply with these.