Banyana Banyana will not be the only South African representatives at the 2016 Women’s Africa of Nations tournament in Cameroon.

Banyana Banyana will not be the only South African representatives at the 2016 Women’s Africa of Nations tournament in Cameroon.

They will be joined by referee Akhona Zennith Makalima, who has been selected as one of the 24 match officials for the biggest women’s tournament on the continent.

The 10th Women’s Africa Cup of Nations soccer showpiece runs from 19 November to 3 December.

The delegation of match officials is made up of 11 referees, one reserve referee and 13 assistant referees.

SAFA President Dr Danny Jordaan is delighted that South Africa has also made it on the prestigous list.

First of all let me say congratulations to Akhona for her appointment to this esteemed panel of match officials that will be at the Women’s AFCON in Cameroon. Her selection can only mean that her sterling work in the PSL has not gone unnoticed, and we are proud of her for that,” said Dr Jordaan.

“Having one of our own at the tournament is a clear indication of the good work done by our match officials. With this appointment, we continuously assert ourselves in the continent that we have some of the best match officials in the business, and I hope this will encourage other referees, especially females, to avail themselves and be part of this specialised unit. I wish her all the best.”

Makalima will not the only match official from Southern Africa.

She will be joined by, amongst others, Gladys Lengwe (Zambia), Letticia Antonella Viana (Swaziland), Queency VIctoire (Mauritius), Botswalo Mosimanewatlala (Botswana) and Bernadettar Asimenye Kwimbira (Malawi).

Three match officials – one referee and two assistants, represent Cameroon.

All are expected in the West African country by Tuesday, 15 November.


Maria Packuita Cynquela RIVET Mauritius
Gladys LENGWE Zambia
Lidya TAFESSE Ethiopia
Akhona Zennith Makalima South Africa
Jeanne EKOUMOU Cameroon
Aissata Ameyo AMEGEE Togo
Suavis IRATUNGA Burundi
Carolyne Wanjala Kenya
Jonesia Rukyaa KABAKAMA Tanzania
Reserve Referee:
Letticia Antonella Viana Swaziland
Assistant Referees:
Queency VICTOIRE Mauritius
Rahma ALOUINI Tunisia
Bernadettar Asimenye KWIMBIRA Malawi
Mimisen Agatha IYORHE Nigeria
Bielignin Elodie Sophie SOME Burkina Faso
Josiane MBAKOP NFONGAN Cameroon
Atezambong Fomo Carine Cameroon
Mary NJOROGE Kenya
Idrissa Fanta Kone Mali
Lidwine RAKOTOZAFINORO Madagascar
Souad OULHAJ Morocco
kossonoux Denise Akoua Côte D’Ivoire

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