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Manamela wants United Artists to break the 100-point barrier again

24 April 2019 - Vhembe SAB League Stream A defending champions United Artists are easing their way to their sixth league title in 7 years. Artists are 20 points ahead of SMSA and their head coach Neville Manamela wants his charges to reach triple figures again in the...

SAFA Cape Town SAB League enters final stretch

17 April 2019 – SAFA Cape Town’s SAB League season has been nothing short of entertainment and competitiveness. The 16-team league of youngsters is approaching is closing stages with just under 10 fixtures remaining. Topping the stands is Young Pirates with 43 points...

SAB U21 National Championships

The SAB U21 National Championships culminates each season of SAFA’s SAB League as a showcase of the best talent that the SAB League has to offer.

A total of nine provincial squads plus an invitational team from the University Sports South Africa (USSA) is chosen to compete against each other in the week-long tournament.
The 10 teams are pitted against each other in a public draw conducted by SAFA and the South African Breweries (SAB) a few weeks before the start of the tournament.

The draw sees the 10 teams grouped into two groups of five where the top two finishers from each group advance to the semi-finals to compete for a place in the finals of the competition.

The National Championships have over the years grown to be becoming a breeding ground for professional scouts and coaches.

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