10 May 2023 – FIFA’s Football for Schools is very much alive in the country as the South African Football Association (SAFA) continues to distribute the 57 000 soccer balls provided by the programme to schools around the country.

FIFA launched the Football for Schools programme in South Africa last August and since then many primary schools and SAFA regions have benefited.

There were 52 educators from around the country who took part in a Masters Trainers programme and different schools have been contacted to collect their allocation of soccer ball from SAFA House, in Johannesburg.

SAFA Head of Competitions Moremi Klip has been leading this process and is delighted at the idea that FIFA and SAFA are once again marking their territory  in school sports and ensuring the reach of football to the youth is maximize.

“The main purpose of this distribution is to promote mass participation programmes in schools, which address life skills. We alongside FIFA aim to contribute to the education, development and empowerment of boys and girls across the country with the support of government,” said Klip.  

“We intend to distribute soccer balls to the following schools around the country;  6022 to KwaZulu-Natal schools, 5341 to Eastern Cape schools, 3855 to Limpopo schools, 2941 to Gauteng schools, 1785 to Mpumalanga schools, 1539 to North West schools, 1449 to Western Cape schools, 1071 to Free State schools and 585 to Northern Cape schools.”