19 April 2023 – Inqaku, a sports technology company based in Gqeberha, and the South African Football Association (SAFA) are proud to announce that MYSAFA has surpassed a significant milestone of 1,25M player registrations, cementing its position as the most successful digital sports administration platform in Africa. 

Inqaku’s innovative approach to unlocking the existing trust, brand, and communication channels that clubs have with their players and supporters allows MYSAFA to reach hundreds of thousands of football fans every week. 

What sets MYSAFA apart is the number of clubs transacting and profiting from their use of the platform, which creates a low-cost distribution channel to footballers across the country. Over 15 000 South African clubs have been registered with FIFA, and each month over 2,000 clubs transact with MYSAFA. 

This achievement demonstrates Inqaku’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions that help football players, clubs, and fans thrive. The company’s motto, “Aspire to Greatness,” has been the driving force behind this success. 

According to MYSAFA General Manager Shane Felix, 2022 was a record year in terms of MYSAFA registrations, and this year, registrations are again up by almost 30%.

“We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone, and it is a testament to the ambitious plans of SAFA and Inqaku’s commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions that help grow football across the continent,” said Felix.

In addition to providing a digital platform for football administration, MYSAFA also publishes results for over 200,000 matches. 

“The SA football community can be proud. MYSAFA is in a league all by itself on the continent and the envy of every other African football association,” said Felix.

For more information about Inqaku and MYSAFA, email shane@inqaku.com or visit their website at www.inqaku.com.