8 March 2023 – New SAFA Referees Committee chairperson, Victor Gomes, has been invited to a seminar for FIFA referee and fitness instructors to take place in Madrid, Spain, from 27-31 March 2023.

The invitation is from FIFA’s director of refereeing , Massimo Busacca, who together with Head of refereeing administration, Patrick Graf, and Dominic Chielens, the FIFA refereeing manager, said the seminar is part of the world football governing body FIFA’s Refereeing Development Programme.

SAFA has stepped up efforts to establish the VAR within the local professional league and Gomes said he will take advantage of this seminar to interact with global individuals on how to accelerate the establishment of the VAR process in the country.

Lately, SAFA has met with both CAF and FIFA leaders to take the process forward, and both Gomes and SAFA President Dr Danny Jordaan are keen to see this historic project get off the ground.