5 October 2022 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) has offered some words of comfort and sympathy to the Indonesia Football Association after a stampede at Malang stadium left at least 125 people and scores more injured following a soccer match on Saturday.

SAFA President Dr Danny Jordaan wished healing thoughts and comfort to the Southeast Asia and Oceania country after one of the worst sporting disasters in history.  

“The South African Football Association and I wish to convey our sincerest condolences and heartfelt sorrow to your Association and your nation our shared pain at the loss of 125 football fans, in the Kanjuruhan Stadium, in the City of Malang,” the SAFA President said.

“The death of football fans in a stadium is a pain for all of us as participants, administrators and fans in the global game that we love. Death in a stadium anywhere has an acute effect on fans and administrators everywhere. We wish you healing and comfort. We Hope time will heal your pain and that of the Indonesian people.”

The tragedy comes at a time when deaths at stadiums have been greatly reduced.

The disaster in Indonesia was one of the world’s worst such incidents and there have been similar tragedies in other parts of the globe over the years, including on the African continent.

Eight people died and 38 were injured in a stampede at the Yaounde Olembe Stadium in Cameroon before an Africa Cup of Nations match in 2021.

In Egypt, 73 people died and hundreds more were injured after fans rioted following a match between Al Ahly and Al-Masry in  Port Said in 2012.

In Ghana, 127 people died at the Accra sports stadium Accra  after a match between Hearts of   Oak  and Asante   Kotoko  in  May  2001.

In South Africa, 43 fans died during a match between  Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates at Ellis Park  on 11   April  2001.

A similar tragedy had preceded the Ellis Park disaster as 42 fans died during a match between the two sides at Oppenheimer Stadium in Orkney on  13   January  1991.

In the most recent incident, two people died during a match between the two sides at FNB   Stadium  on  29  July   2017.