27 September 2022 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) joined millions of South Africans to celebrate Heritage Day last week and the nation’s diverse cultures were in full display.

The SAFA family marked the occasion with beautiful traditional clothing, an array of delicious dishes and good conversations as they gathered to commemorate the day. They took the time to celebrate who they are, and where they come from in an event that was vibrant and rich in colour.

‘’The SAFA workplace is very diverse and inclusive of people of different backgrounds. We all need to do our bit to celebrate our heritage more often as this helps educate each other about our different cultural backgrounds, and at the same time helps to embrace and preserve the significance of the true meaning of heritage,’’ said SAFA human resources manager, Lerato Mabuso, who organized the event.

‘’We may have different beliefs and traditions, but that is what makes us all truly African.’’