5 September 2022 – South African Football Association (SAFA) CEO Advocate Tebogo Motlanthe is back in class and is attending the FIFA Diploma in Football Law in Paraguay.

Advocate Motlanthe arrived in Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay, a few days ago to garner more knowledge on the recently reviewed Regulations on Status and Transfer of Players, Soccer Agents.

“This course will enhance the knowledge on Football Regulations and ensure that one helps in improving the Regulations in our country. The major focus is on Regulations on Status and Transfer of Players, which I have a firm belief that if properly implemented, the developmental clubs will benefit,” the SAFA CEO said.

As was the case when Advocate Motlanthe attended the previous course in Miami in the United States of America in May, Thomas Thema from the North-West University and Mahomed Sidat from the CAF licensing department are the SAFA CEO’s classmates.

The journey began in Zürich, Switzerland, and Paraguay is hosting the current round of classes. Egypt will continue the journey in February 2023. The students will return to Zürich for the final classes, with the graduation ceremony set to be held in the Swiss economic capital next year.