29 June 2022 – World football governing body FIFA has congratulated South African Football Association (SAFA) President Dr Danny Jordaan following his re-election on Saturday.

Dr Jordaan won majority of the votes ahead of candidates Ria Ledwaba and Solly Mohlabeng to secure a third term at the SAFA Elective Congress held at the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday 25 June 2022.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino congratulated Dr Jordaan after he retained his position as SAFA President by a landslide after garnering 186 votes, with Ledwaba polling 27 and Mohlabeng eight.

“Please accept my warmest greetings and sincerest congratulations for your recent re-election as President of the South African Football Association (SAFA),” the FIFA President said.

“I also seize the opportunity to thank you for all your efforts, your work and your important contribution to the development of our sport and the promotion of its values in South Africa.

“Sending you and your team my best wishes for this new mandate and every success for all the challenges that lie ahead, I look forward, dear President, to continuing to work with you for the growth and prosperity of football in South Africa in the years to come.”

The SAFA President has continued to receive congratulatory messages from other parts of the globe since the Elective Congress on Saturday.

“We are confident that your re-election will keep bringing stability and development to football in your country and beyond,” said Saudi Arabian Football Federation President Yasser H. Almisehal.


“While looking forward to meaningful cooperation among our federations, please accept, dear President Jordaan, my most sincere regards.”

“Needless to say, it is the proof of the trust placed in you by your football family to stay at the helm of SAFA for three terms. I am more than certain that the South African Football Association will further flourish across your country under your continued leadership and determination,” said Japan Football Association President Tashima Kohzo.

Umbro South Africa chairman Brian L. Katzen also sent his best wish after Dr Jordaan’s re-election.

“The extension of your tenure is a clear acknowledgement of the confidence you hold as a custodian of South African football, your unfailing commitment to the advancement of the game and its administration, and the quality of leadership you have provided to SAFA over the last decade,” he said.

“Best wishes as you move ahead to your third term; may it be filled with continued and constructive success.”

Dr Jordaan got down to business immediately after the Elective Congress and is already hard at work.