30 October 2021 – The SAFA NEC received a report on the last meeting of the 2010 Legacy Trust held in April 2021.

The Legacy Trust adopted the audited Financial Statement from Ernst & Young and made the last allocation based on the funding applications.

The trust further decided that the Staff must be paid a final settlement because the Trust had now reached its final wind down phase.

The SAFA NEC received the Report on 2 October 2021 and unanimously decided that:

  1. All the SAFATrustees, namely Dr Danny Jordaan, Ria Ledwaba, Obakeng Molatedi and Elvis Shishana.should be withdrawn as Trustees.
  2. Clive Grineker should be appointed as an independent SAFA Trustee and should work with the FIFA Trustees to oversee the process of closing down the entity.
  3. The three Trustees held their fist meeting on Friday, 29 October 2021.
    These decisions were adopted unanimously by the SAFA NEC where Danny Jordaan, Ria Ledwaba and Obakeng Molatedi were present and approved the decisions.