01 September 2021 – On the eve of their departure to neigbours Zimbabwe, the South African Football Association (SAFA) President Dr. Danny Jordaan reminds every player present of the nation’s hope that they carry.

Friday’s clash has the country waiting with bated breath on what Coach Hugo Broos is able to do, bearing in mind that he has not had a lot of time with the players, some he met for the very first time.  

Dr. Jordaan reflects on Cameroon and what element the coach brought to that national which had great success.

“The Coach has all our (SAFA) support. We have hope again and we have newness in a team in terms of staff and new when I speak of the players, some of them are very young and already playing international football,” said the SAFA President.

He further goes onto mention what Coach Hugo Broos managed to do with Cameroon. “What we will demand is qualification for the next AFCON (Africa Cup Of Nations) and the next World Cup and we have faith that we can manage that with the calibre of Coach that we have.”

The President believes that if Friday’s encounter between South Africa and Zimbabwe yields a positive result that, that would be the rebirth of Bafana Bafana, as he wishes them all the best with the belief that they’re more than capable to qualify.